A Supreme Court ruling has overturned a South Carolina appellate court decision and restored protection for the vote, which it had lost to lower court rulings.

Republicans won a legal victory by demanding that amendment, promoted by the Democrats, which facilitated fraud, be overturned according to Townhall on Oct. 5.

The case began when South Carolina election officials removed the requirement that the voter, in addition to writing his own signature, must include the signature of a witness. The witness certifies that the same person’s vote was sent in whose name the ballot was originally addressed. 

The Supreme Court ruling was issued on Oct. 5, and Republican National Committee (RNC) President Ronna McDaniel explained its significance.

“Tonight’s victory is a significant win for South Carolina voters as the Supreme Court agreed that witness verifications are an important part of protecting the integrity of the vote,” McDaniel said.

She added, “While Democrats continue to try and wreak havoc on our elections systems and open the door to fraud and ballot manipulation, Republicans are fighting back—and we are winning.”

McDaniel shared the positive result from the Supreme Court on Twitter.

“The Supreme Court just handed Republicans and the voters of South Carolina a huge victory for election integrity!” wrote MacDaniel in the first of her tweets. 

“Democrats had sued the state to strip away an important safeguard for absentee voting, but the Court ruled against them with no Justices issuing dissents,” she concluded.

South Carolina joins Arizona, Maine, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Iowa as states that also protect electoral integrity laws, which is one of the Republicans’ goals.

With only four weeks to go before the vote, both the Republican and Democratic election campaigns strive for victory. It is expected that mail-in voting will have an unprecedented impact.

The numerous irregularities in the mail ballot to date indicate the possible loss of millions of votes. 

According to a National Public Radio (NPR) report, more than 550,000 votes were rejected in this year’s primaries, which is an increase of more than 50 percent above the 2016 rejections. It is feasible that the number of invalid votes counted as of Nov. 3 will be much higher.  

Democrats, in particular, are keen to see mail ballots as high as possible, despite the high risks of fraud to which they are susceptible. 

According to a Breitbart report, the Democratic Political Action Committee (Super PAC), led by George Soros, invested $7.5 million in a campaign to encourage absentee voting.

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