Christopher Langan, who is well renowned as the smartest man in America and the world, said this week that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden and suggested a second “corrective” election.

“Many citizens, including me, won’t accept cheating scoundrels like [Democrat candidate Joe] Biden or [Vice President candidate Kamala] Harris as leaders. Best get ready for trouble,” Langan tweeted, reported The National Pulse.

Langan called out “corrupt officials” and judges of the U.S. judicial systems for refusing to let the evidence of voting irregularities and electoral fraud “to be duly examined.” 

“Erasure or concealment of evidence is grounds for a second (corrective) election,” Langan said in another tweet. “There’s no way to legitimately certify an election in which crucial information has been deliberately destroyed, or in which corrupt officials and judges refuse to let the evidence be duly examined.”

President Trump’s legal team and third parties have filed lawsuits in federal and supreme courts, alleging widespread voting irregularities that took place during the 2020 election in crucial swing states, but legal cases produced little. 

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit launched by Texas and was ultimately joined by nearly 20 states as well as other petitions filed by lawyers. On Wednesday, Dec. 23, the court said it wouldn’t answer President Trump’s Pennsylvania election challenge before Jan. 22—two days after the presidential inauguration. 

Langan, whose IQ has been compared with Mozart, Newton, and Da Vinci, went off on the U.S. judicial and legislative branches.

“The judicial branch of the U.S government, like the legislative branch, is evidently totally corrupt, having been bribed, blackmailed, threatened, and cajoled into toeing the globalist line,” he said.

President Trump repeatedly said that the election was stolen from him and made it clear that he will not back down. On Tuesday, the president issued a similar message to the nation.

“We cannot allow a completely fraudulent election to stand. Suppose this egregious fraud is not fully investigated and addressed. In that case, the 2020 election will forever be regarded as illegitimate and the most corrupt election in the history of our country,” the president said in a video.

President Trump also floated the idea of appointing a special counsel to investigate election fraud.

“After seeing the massive Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, I disagree with anyone that thinks a strong, fast, and fair Special Counsel is not needed, IMMEDIATELY,” the president wrote. “This was the most corrupt election in the history of our Country, and it must be closely examined!”

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