President Trump knows how to captivate an audience, and despite the media campaign to scare away supporters with fear over rioters and the CCP Virus, those who ignored the hype and turned up to the Tulsa rally were in the thousands.
Even more amazing, the rally touted more than 4 million views across the campaign’s digital media channels.

The opinion editor for the Washington Times Charles Hurt said the president was “sensational” at the rally. The president’s appearance followed weeks of shutdown because of the CCP Virus.

“Political science professors around the country are tearing up all of their lectures for the past 20 years and rewriting everything,” Hurt said during an appearance on Fox News’s “The Greg Gutfeld Show.”
“That story that he told about what happened at West Point was some of the greatest political theater I’ve ever witnessed in my life,” Hurt said. “It was absolutely astonishing.”

The president recounted his experience when he recently visited the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., after which the media ran rampant with speculation about the state of his health.

“You take something that is your greatest weakness. You lead with it. That was the center of the entire rally. You go there, you make it hilarious. And I mean, the guy’s like, walking offstage, re-enacting the entire thing. He’s a comedic genius. He knows how to tell a story.”

Another one to recognize the president’s genius is Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, who said the president is “setting the tone” for the 2020 election.
“It’s so refreshing to see the president back in front of his base,” after weeks of coronavirus lockdowns, Kirk said on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

“This was such an important distinction for the president to articulate—the world view that he is fighting for and that his base supports, and the 63 million Americans who voted for him support,” Kirk said.

“One line really stuck out to me,” Kirk continued. “He said, ‘We stand on the shoulders of heroes.’ Those are the heroes that the left and the Democrats and the anarchists in the streets are taking down—those statues that [they] are taking down. You saw the statue of George Washington taken down yesterday.”

“The president seemed right where he belonged. He had great energy, great spirit,” Kirk said. “And I think finally he’s back on offense, putting the Democrats on defense.”

Kirk also had words for the Democrats presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden, commenting he will need all the help he can get against the president, and wished him “good luck.”

“There is a little bit of crisis happening in the Biden campaign tonight because they realize that they now actually have to campaign, that they realize they have to defend the indefensible, which is a record that has put America last and put China and our foreign adversaries first,” Kirk said. “A record that has not been advantageous or positive for the black community. A record that has enriched the Biden family at the expense of the American people.”

In contrast, Kirk said, “You can see the president. He was getting more and more into it as the speech went on. And it’s phenomenal to see. And the Biden campaign? Good luck,” reported Fox News.

“I don’t even know what campaigning looks like for Joe Biden,” Kirk added. “But the president was spot on with his critique of Joe Biden. And it’s just the beginning.”