President Trump has created a storm in a teacup by telling the world he is taking a drug to prevent getting the CCP Virus that is sweeping the country and taking lives. Not everyone is outraged, however.

One doctor who has come out in his defense is Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, a Fox News medical contributor. “You have to have a discussion with your doctor to decide if it is best for you,” Nesheiwat cautioned. “It is not going to be good for everyone but it may be beneficial and potentially lifesaving for others.

“So, I think it is good to have this medication in our toolbox along with remdesivir while we wait for a vaccine to become approved,” she added.

In late April, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned against the use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine in combination with azithromycin, following reports of “serious heart rhythm problems” in CCP Virus patients who had been treated with the medications.

The coronavirus (CCP Virus). (Pixabay)

“We have to look at the individual’s medical history,” Nesheiwat emphasized. “What medicines are they on? Do they have any underlying medical problems? This is not a medication for everyone. But it is important to have that conversation with your doctor to define is it best for you? Are you at a higher risk of death for the coronavirus?”

Nesheiwat also said she thinks it is “very smart” for Trump to take the drug as a “prophylactic preventative measure” after members of his administration tested positive for the virus in recent days.

“Now,” the doctor warned, “if you have underlying cardiac arrhythmia, we need to be careful. We might not want to put you on that unless you are on your deathbed and it is your last resort.”

Nesheiwat said she had personally prescribed hydroxychloroquine to many of her patients, with mixed results. “For some of them, they said it helped tremendously. For some of them, it didn’t make much of a change,” she explained, reiterating the importance of “having a discussion with your doctor to decide if it is best for you.”

The former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson said for the president to be taking the drug as a preventative is a responsible thing to do.

” If you don’t have a problem with President Trump being driven around in an armored car, you shouldn’t have a problem with him taking hydroxychloroquine prophylactically,” said Jackson.