A report by the U.S. Department of Commerce revealed that states governed by Republican leaders had the lowest unemployment rates in April, in contrast to the high unemployment rates in Democratic states. 

In fact, in the four states with the lowest unemployment rates, the governor is a Republican. In both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the majority of its members are also Republicans, as is the case in Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Utah, notes the June 1 Just the News.  

At the other extreme, with the highest unemployment rates, are five states in which all three institutions are led by Democrats, namely Hawaii (8.5 percent), California (8.3 percent), New Mexico, and New York (both 8.2 percent), and Connecticut (8.1 percent).

These results in economic performance show the typical trend of red states versus blue states. 

With respect to the national unemployment average, 31 states are below it and 26 of them are Republican, or nearly 84 percent. 

Likewise, of the 19 states with unemployment rates above the national average, 14 were Democrats, which could be taken as cause for shame for the deplorable results in this indicator of the economy. 

On the other hand, it has become a concern for employers that their job offers find little response from the unemployed, and it seems that unemployment benefits are playing a negative role in this aspect. 

In this context, the president of the Dallas, Texas Federal Reserve, Robert Kaplan, noted the difficulties in hiring employees. 

“We think you are going to see another odd or unusual report. … Businesses are telling us they got plenty of demand, but they cannot find workers either skilled or unskilled,” Kaplan said

That’s why at least 22 states began to eliminate the additional federal payment, a measure that should be announced a month in advance, to motivate job searches by those who stop receiving the aid. 

For his part, Oklahoma’s Republican Governor Kevin Stitt announced that federal pandemic-related unemployment assistance for Oklahomans would be phased out.

However, Stitt was even bolder and offered a $1,200 stimulus to workers to take jobs. Those who retain new employment for at least six weeks would get this benefit. The offer would be valid for up to 20,000 new employees. 

The executive director of the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, Shelley Zumwalt, reported that some 90,000 people are receiving the benefits. In addition, 200,000 residents are in a position to get a job but do not.

On the other hand, the influx of citizens to the Republican states is notorious due to the extreme left-wing measures usually taken in the states governed by their leaders. 

This is happening in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis stated that he had met many people who used to be Democrats but are now Republicans, among other things, due to school closings caused by the decisions of the teachers’ union. 

During a Fox News town hall event hosted by Sean Hannity, DeSantis also suggested that voters change their party affiliation from Democrat to Republican after fleeing blue states.

“People say, ‘I was a Democrat because of education, and I’m in California, and they’re locking my kids out of school. I come to Florida, they’re in school.’ People are free. People are happy,” De Santis said.

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