An audit by the House Foreign Affairs Committee found the CCP Virus (COVID-19) pandemic “could have been prevented,” had the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) acted more transparently and had the World Health Organization (WHO) not been “complicit in the spread and normalization” of its propaganda.

The report calls for the resignation of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“It is beyond doubt that the CCP actively engaged in a cover-up designed to obfuscate data, hide relevant public health information, and suppress doctors and journalists who attempted to warn the world,” the document published on Monday reveals.

“Research shows the CCP could have reduced the number of cases in China by up to 95 percent had it fulfilled its obligations under international law and responded to the outbreak in a manner consistent with best practices,” the document adds. It cites a study by Medrxiv, an online clearinghouse for medical writing linked to Yale University.

The report, titled “The Origins of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic,” questioning the role of the CCP and the WHO,’ said that “It is highly likely the ongoing pandemic could have been prevented.”

The document written by the committee’s Republicans states that on Jan. 1, Chinese officials ordered that the wet market in Wuhan “be closed and sanitized—destroying forensic evidence that may have provided insight into the origins of the outbreak.”

The next day, they add, scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology completed a full genetic sequence of COVID-19 (CCP Virus), which indicated that it was likely highly contagious but did not immediately share that data with the WHO.

The 90-page document also accuses the WHO of ignoring Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control and the Hong Kong government about the risk of human-to-human transmission. For several weeks, Chinese researchers claimed they found “no evidence” that this could happen.

Despite growing evidence that the WHO and the international community had been misled, the document said that on Jan. 28, Ghebreyesus praised China’s “transparency.”

Two days later, on Jan. 30, the WHO finally declared a public health emergency. By then, there were nearly 10,000 diagnosed cases in 19 countries, including China and the United States.

“From the early stages of the outbreak, the WHO, under Director-General Ghebreyesus’s leadership, parroted and upheld as inviolable truth, statements from the CCP,” the report said.

“An examination of their public statements, including the praise heaped on the CCP’s handling of the pandemic, reveal a disturbing willingness to ignore science and alternative credible sources,” it adds.

The committee’s Republican representatives say in the document that while Beijing tried to hide the crisis and failed in its duty to inform the international health community, as required by the International Health Regulations, the WHO barely helped once it got involved.

The signatories emphasize that “The WHO has been complicit in the spread and normalization of CCP propaganda and disinformation.” That is why they say that “Director-General Ghebreyesus should accept responsibility for his detrimental impact on the COVID-19 response and resign.”

The recent report adds to the various condemnations of CCP authorities by the international community. Prompting calls for an independent investigation into the pandemic’s handling in the early days of the outbreak.

President Donald Trump has strongly criticized both the actions of the CCP and the WHO, which has led him to announce in July that he was withdrawing the United States from the organization.

When President Trump was asked about the report on Fox & Friends, he said he was “angry” with China “because they could have stopped this.”

“They could have stopped it easily,” the president said. “They stopped it from going further into their country, but they didn’t stop it from going out to the rest of the world of which we are a part. They didn’t stop it from coming here and Europe and all over the world.”

The highest-ranking member of the committee, Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX), told the New York Post that both Tedros and the Chinese regime must be held accountable for “the suffering they have allowed the world to endure.”

“It is crystal clear that had the CCP been transparent, and had the head of the WHO cared more about global health than appeasing the CCP, lives could have been spared and widespread economic devastation could have been mitigated,” McCaul said.

The document’s conclusion was that “senior CCP leaders, including CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping, knew a pandemic was ongoing weeks before it was announced.

“Instead of warning the world, the CCP chose to nationalize foreign supply chains and secretively buy up medical supplies in foreign countries to ship to the PRC.

“When countries complained or advocated for an investigation into the CCP cover-up, the PRC threatened bans on exports or instituted massive tariffs to punish those countries.

“The CCP continues to seek to bully not only the WHO, but other countries around the world who want to understand the core failures that lead to COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic.”

As of Monday afternoon, Johns Hopkins University had counted more than 31 million cases of coronavirus and nearly 1 million deaths worldwide.

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