The Christian player who was fined by the National Football League (NFL) for wearing a headband with the legend “Man of God” was finally exonerated by the league and will donate the money to charity.

The case of New Orleans Saints captain Demario Davis went viral on social networks and caught the attention of conservative media.

Davis received a great deal of support from people around the world after the NFL fined him $7,000 for breaking one of its rules and used “personal messages” during the games.

Davis, who openly declares himself to be a Christian, had made news through his Instagram account.

“So, I got fined with $7K for my headband,” the football star wrote to his fans, asking, “Should I continue to wear it, or nah?”

Davis used the hashtags “let the people decide,” “man of the people,” and “man of God.”

Before Davis’s appeal was approved, he wanted to turn the situation into a positive one, so he decided to start selling the headbands with the legends “Man of God”, “Woman of God,” and “Child of God.” Proceeds from the sales were donated to St. Dominic’s Hospital in Jackson.

The headbands, priced at $25 each, have raised more than $30,000 for the hospital, according to Davis.

“We’ve been able to turn it into a positive and use it to raise funds for a hospital that is trying to rebuild this emergency room,” Davis said, according to ESPN.

Davis said he didn’t know why the NFL rescinded its fine. “I didn’t get the specific reason why it was overturned.”

A Question of Faith

“My faith is always going to be the most important aspect of my leadership,” Davis said years ago after being consulted about the success of his athletic career.

“I wanted guys to know that I put God first, I put my family second, and I put football third,” he added in an interview with AP, which was shown by various media.

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