Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), speaking on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, June 22, discussed his bill that seeks to sanction Chinese Communist Party (CCP) health officials for not cooperating to determine the origins of the CCP Virus. He also warned that today the regime continues to develop lethal viruses in laboratories and that only “strong U.S. leadership” can prevent future catastrophes.

Rubio, in the interview on Fox and Friends, spoke about the bill he introduced called the “COVID Act,” which would impose sanctions on doctors, companies, and laboratories belonging to the CCP 90 days after its approval should the CCP not allow a legitimate investigation into the genesis of the virus.

Rubio’s bill would also cut off any and all federal funding for research.

“Look, we already know enough about what happened in China, I think, to tell you they’ve done something wrong, which is they haven’t allowed the world to fully understand how this thing began, and they’ve covered it up,” Rubio said.

The senator went on to warn that notwithstanding how badly the virus has done the world due to the CCP’s mishandling of information, the worst could be yet to come as China continues to develop the same investigations that caused the virus to leak in the past.

“The COVID has been terrible. It has killed people. You’ve seen what it’s done to our society and our country, and the world. The next one could be much deadlier, much more disruptive. We—people forget all this research that China does is still going on right now. They’re doing—as we speak, they’re doing it today. It doesn’t stop. This continues.”

Rubio seeks to raise awareness in this regard that if there is no accountability mechanism in place, the situation could repeat itself even in the short term and worse than it has been today.

“Here’s the bottom line: All we’re asking for is that China open up and allow a full investigation because this is not just about punishing China—what happened in the past, OK?” he added. “This is about preventing it from happening again. For all we know, at this very moment, the next great pandemic is being developed inside of a Chinese laboratory, and they’re using—they’re doing it because they want to develop a vaccine or a cure.”

Rubio assured that most of the governments of the world’s strong countries think like him but that given the enormous commercial and political interests at stake, “they just won’t say it publicly.” 

For this reason, he stressed the importance that the United States, as the world’s economic leader and in its unquestionable role as “world policeman,” should take a firm stand against China in this situation to get “other countries to step forward.”

Like former President Trump, Rubio has historically viewed Biden as “weak” in his policies and actions vis-à-vis the Chinese regime. He has also openly criticized the Biden administration for lacking the capacity to deal with rival major powers on an equal footing and achieve good negotiation results. 

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