The New York Times (NYT) announced on Tuesday the closing of its Spanish edition for lack of profitability.

In a note to the readers published on its website, the NYT explained that its Spanish edition did not gain enough audience to be economically profitable.

This edition of the newspaper was inaugurated in February 2016, just at the beginning of the presidential race that brought Donald Trump to the White House, and the idea was “to tailor our journalism and products to make them more relevant for specific new audiences, rather than viewing the rest of the world as just one big audience,” Politico reported at the time.

The New York Times is one of the media most critical of President Trump and this new edition intended for a “specific audience” can be interpreted as a way to bring its content, very favorable to the Democratic Party, to the large Spanish-speaking community of the United States.

It should be noted that the Spanish-language site has offered Spanish-language content completely free of charge, relying on advertising for revenue, as opposed to English-language content, which is only for subscribers.

Historically, the Democratic Party has captured the majority of the votes in the African-American and Latino communities of the United States, but this is changing.

President Trump himself shared on Twitter that a survey conducted earlier this year showed a 19% increase in his popularity in the Hispanic community and reached 50% approval of his performance as president.

Indeed, the impressive employment data released in August showed a decline in unemployment in the Hispanic and African American communities never seen before in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report.

“Wow, just heard that my poll numbers with Hispanics has gone up 19%, to 50%. That is because they know the Border issue better than anyone, and they want Security, which can only be gotten with a Wall,” the president wrote on Twitter.

And that approval from Hispanics continues to increase, according to Politico after studying the results of several polls such as Economist/YouGov (32% approval), The Hill and HarrisX (35%), Reuters/Ipsos (36%).

These polls show a considerable increase in approval over the 2016 elections, when 23% of Hispanics voted for President Trump.

“These polls suggest that Hispanics are responding to Trump as president more like Americans as a whole,” according to Politico analysis.

And the NYT is not the only media critical of the Republican president that is suffering.

CNN’s audience ratings plummeted further in the second quarter of 2019 according to data compiled by TV Newser

During prime time, the TV channel, which also broadcasts in Spanish, plummeted to 15th place, losing almost 40 percent of viewers.

On the contrary, more moderate media, such as Fox News, have scaled up positions in cable TV audience polls in recent years to the top, reveals TV Newser.

President Trump has reiterated on several occasions that he thinks that media that publish “Fake News” are public enemy number one.

Now it seems that audience data from some media, specifically those most critical of President Trump, show that certain ways of reporting on current affairs are causing them to lose the support of citizens.

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