Last Saturday, unvaccinated students attending a New Hampshire high school prom in the United States were marked with numbers and watched throughout the night, as reported by the Granite Grok blog.

This event occurred at Exeter High School, caused much discomfort in the parents of the children numbered in the best Nazi-style according to a Facebook post the representative, Melissa Litchfield, from Brentwood district.

In her post, Litchfield tells what the children experienced on Saturday night according to what the enraged parents told her.

According to one parent, the children who did not receive the vaccine had a number written on them with a marker. While they were on the dance floor, they had to raise their hands after three songs so that children in lower grades could remember their numbers to trace contacts. 

This parent was very angry denouncing:

“We truly feel they are literally branding our kids if they don’t get this experiential (sic) “emergency” approved vaccine ….”.

Another parent complained because the next morning, she found a listing of student data for prom attendees that included information about whether or not they were vaccinated, and that information was available to anyone.

Another complaint Litchfield received said that he found it unbelievable that the children had been marked and treated as if they were in a Nazi Germany concentration camp. It was not tolerable that the kids had to go through what they went through on Saturday night.

She also clarified that masks are no longer required to be worn in outdoor spaces as of the previous Thursday, so it should not matter if someone is vaccinated or not.

Rep. Litchfield’s facebook post concludes by asking to write to her if anyone has more information and that at the state level, there was a lot of talk about the confidentiality of everyone’s vaccination status.

Ann Marie Banfield was the one who wrote the article for the Granite Grok and related that when after posting on her Facebook what had happened during the prom, the parent of a child contacted her and sent her more information about what had happened.

This parent told her that his son had gone with a friend who had been vaccinated and that only he was dialed with a number, his friend was not. That at the time of check-in to enter the dance, the vaccinated kids had to show their vaccination card to the class advisor and that at that time the unvaccinated kids were marked with a number.

He also informed Banfield that there is a list with names associated with numbers and that they would use it to track the contacts of the children who did not receive the vaccine.

The father added that according to the school’s tracking policy, if one of the students tests positive for COVID during the week after prom, all the numbered kids will miss their last week’s activities, including graduation.

To this man, vaccination is a personal choice, and children should not be pressured to do so in the name of missing “events,” unlike the vaccinated.

Banfield questions this course of action and clarifies that parents are the ones who submit vaccine information to the school district and that it is up to the parents to decide whether to share that information publicly.

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