A crowd of anarchists from the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) group conducted attacks in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, causing destruction in homes and businesses and confronting law enforcement and the National Guard on Oct. 7. 

“What started as a protest has become a large disturbance of public order that has caused property damage, and is threatening to cause injury to persons. The Wauwatosa Police has ordered dispersal, and has not obtained compliance,” tweeted the Wauwatosa Police.

The police tried to disperse the rioters with tear gas and nonlethal weapons as they struggled to get through the security lines.

“Some rioters in Wauwatosa, WI are now smashing windows of homes. People in the crowd tried to stop them from targeting homes,” tweeted journalist Julio Rosas.

“On the ground in Wauwatosa for @townhallcom and some in the BLM crowd are smashing storefront windows,” he reported in other tweets. 

In the thread of the Twitter conversation, user Rosas responds, exposing the contrast of the Marxist demonstrators’ actions in a free country like the United States.

“Its funny how these marxist children love to play dress up and clamor for socialism in a free country, and we allow it. See what happens when you try to act free in a socialist country,” wrote @DatDudeDanny.

These riots began when the prosecution announced that police officer Joseph Mensah, who shot a 17-year-old boy, Alvin Cole, would not be charged.

Prosecutor John Chisholm briefly recounted the events surrounding Cole’s death at a shopping mall on Feb. 2. 

“Mr. Cole went to the Mayfair shopping center armed with a 9 mm,” said Chisholm. “He had a confrontation with a patron. While he was running from them, he discharged the firearm, and from that point on, he was ordered to surrender the firearm and never did so,” said Chisholm.

“We have a very strong policy of not charging anybody if we don’t believe we can prove it,” Chisholm told FOX6 News, explaining that this was the situation with Officer Mensah. 

The Black Lives Matter protesters demanded that the African American police officer be fired and charged with murder. 

Radical leftists then attacked Mensah, vandalized his girlfriend’s house, and shot at the back door in August, according to The Federalist.

According to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), the Democratic candidate for the vice presidency, this kind of rioting is what she supports. She intends to continue her support even after the Nov. 3 election.

And the radical leftist Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from New York, expressed her agreement.  


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