Boston Democratic authorities decided to remove a historic statue of former President Abraham Lincoln setting free a slave. A public art commission decided to remove the monument, heeding a group of left-leaning history revisionists who nonsensically argue that the image may “obscure the role of African Americans in shaping the nation’s freedoms.”

The left is moving forward to break with traditional history and rewrite it as it sees fit. One of the methodologies they have used during this year of significant protests is the destruction of historical works of art linked to the United States’ traditional history. 

Such is this case in Boston with the statue of Abraham Lincoln. Several attempts were made to destroy it by force until a group decided to collect some signatures and pressure the local authorities to remove the statue. 

Democrat authorities heeded the request, and finally, early Tuesday morning, workers removed the Emancipation Monument from a park near Boston Common, where it had been since 1879.

Boston Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh accepted the public art commission’s decision, arguing that “Boston residents and visitors have been uncomfortable with this statue.”

The bronze statue is a copy of a monument erected in Washington, DC, three years earlier. The replica was installed in Boston because it was home to the statue’s creator, Thomas Ball.

It was created to celebrate the freeing of slaves in the United States and was based on Archer Alexander, a black man who escaped from slavery, helped the Union Army, and was the last man recaptured under the Fugitive Slave Law.

The image represents a black slave, taking off the shackles that chained him and rising in freedom in front of the former President Lincoln, the recognized historical hero who brought about the end of slavery.

Throughout, there have been demonstrations by left-wing groups, generally organized and promoted by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa. Many historical monuments of this type were demolished and violated.

The behavior is always the same, even repeated in many countries around the world that are also victims of the socialist invasion, masses of people indoctrinated by the left and full of hatred and thirst for revenge who seek to rewrite history, eliminating its roots and destroying traditions. 

This year President Trump signed a decree to protect monuments and statues throughout the country from acts of vandalism committed by “anarchists and left-wing extremists.”

In announcing the measure, President Trump assured via Twitter that the decree “combats recent criminal violence,” adding, “Long prison sentences for these illegal acts against our Great Country.

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