The Jerusalem Post has been criticized for publishing a photo of white men wearing combat vests with Confederate battle flags in an article about the armed standoff between the “Rise of the Moors” black militia group and Boston law enforcement, according to National File.

The image from the article “two arrested as armed militia group stands off with police in Boston” shows two white men dressed in vests and camouflage. One of them is equipped with a rifle, and the other appears to be a three-percenter militia emblem crossed with a Confederate battle flag.

Dave Reilly, a radio host, criticized the publication for using the image, which he claims features a man named Andrew Dobson.

“The group today in Boston were BLACK people, and you’re using a photo of a GOOD man [Andrew Dobson] @ Charlottesville who’s now DEAD because he relapsed because of hit pieces about him from ppl like you!”

The militia force known as “Rise of the Moors” appears to be made up of black men. The militia thought they were exercising their freedom to own and carry firearms under the Second Amendment.

According to local media, a man identified as Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey live-streamed a portion of the conflict on YouTube. “They specified in the news that we’re anti government, but we’re not, we’re not anti police, we’re not sovereign citizens, we’re not black identity extremists.”

“We haven’t violated any laws, the police seen us on the side of the road with our guns secured, we were afraid so we got out with our arms.”