When Hunter Biden traveled with his father Joe Biden, while he was Vice President of the United States, he furthered his business interests. The New York Post revealed on Oct. 14 documents from that time that could become evidence of criminal activity against him or even both of them.

The New York Post revealed the compromising information, found in an abandoned laptop in a repair shop.

Emails from the laptop’s hard drive detail massive corruption, pedophilia, and corporate crime, breathtaking in its scope.

An email dated Aug. 2, 2017, detailed Hunter’s dealings with Shanghai-based private energy conglomerate China Energy Co. (CEFC), involving a deal he struck with the since-vanished chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming, for half-ownership of a holding company that offered Biden more than $10 million a year.

Hunter requested from CEFC “compensation packages” for six people, also involved in an unspecified business alliance in another email.

CEFC had links to the Communist Party of China (CCP).

In general, the business conditions were very favorable for Hunter Biden because he would get 20 percent of the capital, a salary of “850”, without further explanation, and other administrative agreements.

There is also mention of the 10 [percent or share] stake, for someone designated as “Jim,” and another 10 [percent or share] for an enigmatic “big guy,” which raises the possibility that it could be Joe Biden.

Suspicions arose because a letter from Hunter to his daughter, Naomi Biden, said, “… he [Hunter] had paid the family’s expenses for many years … he will not charge ‘half of your salary,’ as his father [Joe] did.'”

Hunter started his big business with international companies by accompanying his father on his trips to other countries.

His father, Joe, was fulfilling his duties as Vice President of the United States. One could assume that his father would get some money earned from meetings arranged by Hunter.

Joe Biden has often said that he did not involve himself in his son’s business. Still, the hard drive contained emails detailing that Hunter arranged for his father to meet with partners abroad, which would disprove Joe Biden’s initial version.

Later, in 2017 negotiations with the same CEFC company, Hunter continued to obtain other commercial advantages, as expressed in another of the emails found by the New York Times.

“The president [of CEFC] changed that agreement, after I left MIAMI, to a much more durable and luxurious arrangement to create a holding company that is 50 percent owned by me and 50 percent owned by him,” Biden wrote.

Then, in Sept. 2017, Hunter, his uncle James Biden and James’ wife, Sara Biden, spent $100,000 on credit cards issued against the Hudson West III company account, the New York Post reported.

This company is suspected to be the one Hunter mentions in the previous email that is 50 percent owned by Hunter and 50 percent owned by someone designated as “Chairman.”.

The repercussions that this torrent of 40,000 emails could generate unpredictable consequences, but the Biden campaign has not given importance to the matter. However, neither has it disavowed it.

Interestingly, Hunter Biden’s lawyer contacted the computer repairman who found the controversial material abandoned in his shop.

The lawyer asked for the computer hard drive’s return, said attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in Steven Crowder’s podcast on Oct. 15, according to American Greatness on Oct. 16.

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