The devastating riots that broke out using the death of African American George Floyd as a base were presented by the media as “peaceful,” but the harsh reality shows otherwise.

Journalist Michael Tracey describes his findings after touring the main scenes of the violent leftist demonstrations, which have occurred in many cities since the end of May, in an article in Unherd on July 16.

For Tracey, a similar social upheaval had not occurred in the country for 60 years.

“The number of boarded up, damaged, or destroyed buildings that I have personally observed—commercial, civic, and residential—is staggering. Keeping an accurate account is impossible,” Tracey said.

However, something that profoundly impacts Tracey is the fact that mainstream media has for the most part ignored these facts and shunned reporting on denying Americans the truth. 

Another inconsistency he perceives is the media’s effort to differentiate the riots from the protests when it is not possible to discern such limits given the turbulent development of the events.

Beyond mainstream media’s insistence that the movement is peaceful, Tracey sees the importance of addressing the perceptions of working-class Americans who experienced the destruction during the protests more as “a painful tragedy than any kind of wonderful harmony.”

One of the explanations Tracey puts forward is the claim by “media elites” to distort the reality that nonwhite working minorities tend to be conservative.

As a result, the media avoids giving voice to these people for fear of revealing their support for the President Donald Trump, and an eventual advantage that could mean his re-election in November.

The most unfortunate thing for Tracey is that most of the destruction was perpetrated by “white left-wing activists,” according to the testimony he gathered, showing that in their politicization the media is “antithetical to any conception of right-wing journalism.”

He also points out,  “In Chicago, at the height of the riots last weekend in May, there was a record 18 homicides in a single 24-hour period,” questioning whether these historical aspects have been reported according to professional journalistic ethics.

Writer and media director Kevin McCullough, in a July 5 Townhall article, agreed with the impressions highlighted by Tracey, being forthright in pointing to the Democrats as responsible for the unfortunate effects of the riots.

McCullough mentioned the murder of 600 Americans in six cities in a period of only six weeks and holds their Democratic leaders responsible for them.

“The most significant threat to our nation right now is the Democrats who are voting to eliminate law enforcement and who are, by extension, responsible for the largest and most significant increase in loss of life,” McCullough warned.

“They are allowing Marxists and anarchists to create complete chaos and disorder. They also seem totally unconcerned with any life that matters, whether it be black or white,” apparently driven only by the desire to win the next presidential election.