The veteran known as “Red” openly told the press that the current president is the first president who has all the requirements to be the leader of the United States. He said so during an interview at the New York Veterans Day Parade on Nov. 11.

Campaign press secretary for President Trump Kayleigh McEnany, asked questions to the former paratrooper who participated in World War II. The veteran named “Red” did not hesitate to respond that Trump “is the first real president in my 96 years” for being the first president to attend the parade” and added that “he really cares about war veterans.”

“He’s got it all … the guts, the structure, the stature, the knowledge,” he said. “He’s doing the right thing,” he added.

Veterans Day Parade

The America’s Parade was held in New York City at Madison Square Park, the event was organized largely by the Veterans Unit.

In his speech, the president praised veterans of the U.S. armed forces, identifying them as great warriors and said it is “now our duty to serve and protect them every single day of our lives,” according to the White House report.

A dedicatory to Sgt. Roddie Edmonds

According to Algemeiner, during the event the president referred promptly to Roddie Edmonds’s story—he saved his Jewish compatriots in a prisoner-of-war situation during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.

A German commander intended to divide Roddie’s squadron by separating the Jewish American soldiers, so that they would be executed.

However, the sergeant did not obey the order of his German enemy and spread the word that his comrades should be saved by telling them that all of them should identify themselves as Jews, even if they were not.

The German officer insisted that Edmonds, pointing a gun at his head, confess who in his squadron were really Jewish, the sergeant replied “We all are ” and if he wanted he could shoot him, but then he would have to do the same with everyone. Such was the pressure of that moment that in the end the commander had no choice but to withdraw.

That event was highlighted in the parade by President Trump as a teaching of pride of religion and in your nation. Edmonds’s action will remain an important event that marked U.S. history.