These last few weeks for America may go down in history as a few of the most critical weeks ever in politics. A president whose opposition has been determined to bring him down, only to see the public rise up and support him.

It could well be looked upon as a miracle of Christmas, as the efforts of the Democrats are sure to fail in their “witch hunt” as the president has repeatedly called it.

The Republican-controlled Senate will squash the impeachment trial before it begins, seeing it as a farce and a waste of precious time and money.

"Trump is the most 'presidential' president in history," says well-known author
President Donald Trump, on Dec. 19, 2019. (Tia Dufour/Official White House Photo)

In history, going back to George Washington, there was also a Christmas miracle.

The Battle of Trenton on Dec. 26, 1776, as explained by Newt Gingrich on Fox, “Newt’s World” could be described as America’s first Christmas miracle.

After suffering several crushing defeats, by December that year, George Washington and his troops were in bad shape. Hessian defenders, who were highly skilled German soldiers employed by the British to fight during the American Revolution, were a sizable group the patriots had to do battle with at Trenton.

To have any chance of defeating the Hessians, Washington had a plan—a surprise attack the day after Christmas.

The weather was against them, his army of around 2,400 bedraggled fighters had to battle the elements, many were without shoes. They had to find their way through freezing snow, sleet and driving, rain to the banks of the Delaware River, where they intended to cross under the dead of night.

Conditions became worse; a Nor’ easter had hit the East Coast, creating the conditions for the “perfect hurricane.”

The horrific weather set them back several hours; some officers contemplated calling the attack off, as soldiers reported their muskets wouldn’t fire in the dismal conditions. The exercise had all the hallmarks of another failure.

However, Washington was determined to complete the mission, and urged the troops on, telling them to use their weapons as bayonets if they didn’t fire.

The Battle of Trenton was shaping up to be a total failure, something that could have put a stop to the beginning of American independence, according to Gingrich.

After crossing the Delaware and several hours of walking, the troops surrounded the Hessians at Trenton in their surprise attack and achieved the seemingly impossible.

Roughly 1,350 Hessians were defending the city, and the battle lasted only an hour, with 900 Hessians surrendering. Washington and his army also picked up some excellent weapons and ammunition with their victory. Not only that, the casualty rate was very low.

What had all the hallmarks of a disaster, turned out to be a great victory, and could be seen as a miracle at Christmas, shaping the future for Americans for centuries.

The trials and tribulations of President Trump in our present time are of no less importance in regard to the changes impeachment could bring to the country, but we may be witnessing another Christmas miracle in the next few weeks.

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