The European Union (EU) members are discussing the implementation of a “vaccine passport,” stating that the person has been vaccinated against the CCP Virus. According to reports, carrying the “passport” will be a requirement to be able to circulate within the bloc. This means that vaccination against the virus will be mandatory. 

An EU spokesman said according to reports by the Daily Mail, that although the implementation of the vaccine passport is still “premature” due to the fact that so far not enough people have been vaccinated on the continent, the bloc has suggested that the system could be implemented in the near future.

EU Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said, “We feel that now this is the time for these vaccine certificates to be recognized across the European Union, and even beyond the European Union.”

Another EU representative, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides, also said the bloc is in “active discussion” on how to implement a vaccine passport system.

In parallel to the vaccination passport that would be valid throughout Europe, several countries on the continent are planning to require a vaccination certificate to allow people to enter their territory. 

Such is Spain’s case, which announced on Monday that it will join the European countries planning to require a vaccination certificate to allow tourists to travel internally, according to the website Schengen Visa Info. The measure was proposed as an aid to the tourism sector, which is one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Other countries such as Denmark, Greece, and Iceland have proposed similar measures.

These announcements worry a large part of the population and scientists, taking into account compulsory vaccination against the CCP Virus, knowing that it is a vaccine that the trials were truncated. There are many reports of terrible adverse effects, including many deaths.

Numerous scientists, such as the renowned Dr. Clare Wenham, assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics, warned that these control systems are not effective and only serve to generate more division in society and are unacceptable from a social ethics point of view.

“From an ethical point of view vaccine passports are completely unacceptable. You’re going to create a two-tier system, and history shows that when you create division within society, it leads to civil unrest. It’s vaccine apartheid,” Wenham said.

Summit News reported that behind several countries’ intention to implement a kind of vaccine passport to allow free movement is a powerful coalition funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in charge of developing identification systems or “passports.”

The partnership is called the Vaccine Credentialing Initiative (VCI) and involves Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and the Mayo Clinic—a U.S. health care provider, and is backed by the globalist World Economic Forum.

The organization identified as The Commons Project, one of the participants, is already negotiating with various governments to make vaccinations mandatory in order to make its business profitable.

“Individuals are going to have to produce vaccination records for many aspects of returning to normal life,” declared Paul Meyer, CEO of The Commons Project.

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