The fears of Americans who protect carrying guns under the Second Amendment of the Constitution were realized as Democrats insisted on stripping them of their weapons. 

According to Breitbart, after the Senate stalled the passage of two controversial bills passed in 2019 by the Democratic-majority House, they finally won approval in the Senate on March 10

“This bill creates a de facto gun registry by involving the federal government in every gun transfer, including private transfers and gifts, or else how will we enforce these requirements?” said Rep. Bob Good (R-Va), according to The Wall Street Journal

He added, “For my Democratic friends who suggest that conservatives and gun owners are paranoid about a national registry, you can bet we are.”

One such risk of having a registry is that guns would later be seized from owners, despite the existing prohibition against creating a national registry.

Now, based on the new H.R.8 law, a person who sells a five-shot revolver to a lifelong neighbor will be committing a felony unless the purchaser registers with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), conducted by the FBI.

Also, background checks on almost all gun sales are extended from three to 10 days. 

Critics said these laws make it harder for law-abiding individuals to obtain guns rather than prosecute those who commit crimes with them.  

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a strong call for Americans to protect the Second Amendment and guarantee the right to own and use guns.

“I want to be very clear, the threats to our Second Amendment cannot be overstated. Protecting these rights is absolutely essential to promoting American freedom,” Pompeo said in a March 8 video, among other warnings. 

In turn, the Firearms Policy Coalition views the passage of these bills with alarm. 

“Due to Democrat control of the House, Senate, and White House, this should be a RED ALERT for gun owners,” it said on its website

“That’s right, Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are prepared to move these anti-gun bills through at lightning speed, shortening a process that normally takes months into just a few days or perhaps even hours. Therefore, it is URGENT that you take action,” warns the Firearms Policy Coalition.

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