While the country is flooded with illegal immigrants generating an economic burden for Americans, the illegals are also at risk because of the inhumane conditions where they are kept.

Rather than do something to help President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) put together a media theater showing alleged illegal immigrants reuniting with their parents in the United States after being “separated by Trump.”

The war of disinformation

“EMOTIONAL REUNION: Sandra Ortiz reunites with her son, Bryan, three years after the family was forcibly separated under the Trump administration’s policy aimed at deterring illegal immigration.”

“Bryan and his mother were separated by the Truthreep administration and not seen for more than 3 years, until yesterday. They are the first of what the Biden administration hopes will be more than 1,000 reunions. After graduating high school early, Bryan is working to “help others like him.”

“An emotional video captured the moment a mother from Honduras was reunited with her children in Philadelphia after they were separated at the border in 2017.”

It’s no surprise that mainstream media collaborated with the DHS to put on this show to appeal to people’s feelings, like the emotion of a son being reunited with his parents. Perhaps they are trying to mimic those popular videos of military men returning from service and surprising their children, wives, and/or parents.

But of course, the undertone is entirely different between the two scenarios.

Covering up Biden’s failures by blaming Trump

First, one of the goals is to vilify Trump and his immigration policies, which, when viewed from the angle of the average American citizen, were a success for economic growth, security, etc.

The Democrats have used this strategy to attract votes from the mass of college students who are constantly bombarded by the media and social media with the globalist ideas of “a country without borders” (recently repeated by the discredited Pope Francis).

Many students may accept these ideas, which they are taught from high school age. Most of them are dependent on their parents and do not understand the impact of illegal immigration. According to a recent poll, an overwhelming 72% of adult Americans reject illegal immigration.

Thus, the audience that this theater could fool is small.

Horrible things happening at the border while the DHS shows propaganda to Americans

Second, some of the performers in the videos are terrible actors! They couldn’t even cry for real, which raises doubts that they are reunited families or just another fake news.

But more importantly, open borders have accelerated human trafficking, especially of women and children who are separated from their parents (some are not their parents but people who bring trafficked children to the border) and kept in different facilities.  

Local media reports such as the Texas Tribune indicate that immigrant children are sexually abused in the Biden Administration facilities that hold them before releasing them into the United States.

On top of that, the number of criminals taking advantage of the open borders to enter the country is overwhelming. And to top it off, the DHS has no plans to deport them, perhaps eventually releasing them into the country because it is an anti-American government, simply because of that.