The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on March 31, tweeted that a yearlong DEA Task Force investigation has resulted in 18 arrests with $3.5 million worth of heroin, meth, and cocaine in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The police said in a tweet on March 28: “A yearlong DEA Task Force investigation has resulted in 18 arrests, most in Charlotte and the seizure of 40 lbs of heroin, 20 pounds of meth, and more than 15 lbs of cocaine. The drugs have a street value of $3.5 million.”


On March 28, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation also tweeted: “The SBI assisted the DEA on a case involving 18 arrests where 40 lbs. of heroin, 20 lbs. of meth. & 7 kg of cocaine were recovered. That’s a $3.5 million street value.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said the drugs that were trafficked into Charlotte were connected to the Mexican cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.

Dustin Harmon, an acting assistant special agent in charge of the DEA said, “This cartel is one of the most deadly cartels in America, operating in America.”

When asked how they were getting this much heroin to Charlotte, he answered: “They were bringing it into vehicles in hidden compartments.”

Officials said there was not one specific neighborhood these drugs were destined for but would have been sold across the Charlotte region.

And Audria Bridges, SBI special agent in charge said, “There are a lot of long nights and early mornings for the agents and detectives involved, but we understand that’s what we have to do.”

Authorities said they are committed to continuing to fight the cartel and the growing opioid epidemic.

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