As is well known, mainstream media are going through an unprecedented crisis.

Their audiences and readership are plummeting while people are increasingly opting for alternative and independent media.

But information is also leaking out about the chaos in the newsrooms and editing rooms of the mainstream media.

For three years, journalist Bari Weiss was a columnist at the once prestigious The New York Times.

The journalist has previously worked for major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal.

She had been writing about culture and politics at The New York Times since 2017.

Weiss resigned from that job in mid-2020.

Like other of her colleagues, Weiss complained about the publication’s bias in favor of left-wing views and politicians.

In the first episode of his new podcast, aired Wednesday, Weiss sharply criticized the paper.

She told what it’s like to experience from the inside the downfall of a once highly credible medium worldwide.

Weiss says that the newspaper’s editors live in a permanent duality because, in her words, “they know what’s right but can’t seem to find the courage to do it.”

She claims that the publication’s editors “live in total fear of internet mobs.”

Weiss believes that social networks, such as Twitter, have become the true “editors” of the media.

She says the New York Times fosters “rage, polarization, and distrust” and has betrayed its values.

“They are activist journalists who treat the paper like a high school cafeteria.”

“The short version of the story is that I, like a growing number of journalists, did not want to participate in a project for another day that was betraying my values.”

Because she decided to leave the media and her criticism of it, Weiss has received threatening messages, even from her own colleagues.

The journalist assures that threats and public scorn have become massive intimidation mechanisms.

She argues that the media live under a “culture of cancellation.”

And this phenomenon stems from the pressure exerted by social networks.

It has led to what she called “an epidemic of self-silencing and fear” in the common life of Americans.

For that reason, she assures that she states her positions publicly, regardless of whether they are not to the majority’s liking.

“This phenomenon that’s swallowing the culture … it needs to end. We need to stop playing to the crowd. We need to stop being silent at the expense of being honest.”

Bari Weiss’ message has been replicated on various Internet sites hoping that other journalists will step forward and practice their profession with courage and intellectual honesty.

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