The implementation of the left-wing “culture cancel” against various cultural expressions, companies, and individuals has taken on dimensions that are often disastrous for its victims.

Starting with identifying the target, a group of people can drive a wave of accusations against the person or group, even causing economic or moral ruin in a short time, as they are energized by technology or the media.

“The thing is, technology is amoral; anyone can use it,” said Dennis Santiago, a financial and global risk analyst. “Cancel culture is merely another form of an advertising campaign that is using these platforms for destructive versus constructive purposes,” Santiago added according to Fox News on July 20.

In addition, technology companies like Facebook and Twitter are interested in having users stay on their networks as long as possible, but they encourage so-called viral storms that they apparently do not know how to handle.

“Indignation is the perfect negative emotion to attract attention and commitment—and the algorithms are ready to jump. A person who tweets their indignation would normally fall largely on deaf ears,” states the medium The Conversation.

“But if that person can attract enough initial commitment, the algorithms [on social networking platforms] will extend the reach of that individual by promoting it to like-minded individuals. A snowball effect is produced, creating a feedback loop that amplifies the outrage,” adds The Conversation.

“Instead of having a free and open debate of ideas, people who support the canceling will try to get you doxxed, fired, thrown out of school, and ruin your life,” said Adam Weiss, CEO of New York-based AMW Public Relations. “The cancel culture will continue as long as the media continues to act as a willing partner.”

“These cancellations cost brands millions to pivot—and every time a small business is canceled, the likelihood of them coming back is even harder because they don’t have access to the same capital source for revival,” according to Kris Ruby, brand consultant and CEO of Ruby Media Group, a New York-based public relations agency, as quoted by Fox News.

It could even be used for unfair competition between companies, which could end up ruining their victims, after covert smear campaigns.

In the United States, the effects of the cancel culture mixed with the Black Lives Matter movement, antifa, and the leftist Democrats have caused cultural chaos that struggles even to change the national anthem, after destroying emblematic monuments and struggling to erase unquestionable historical facts.

President Donald Trump condemned cancel culture as “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history.” in a July 3 speech at Mount Rushmore.

Thus, the so-called cancel culture raises serious concerns about protecting freedom of expression and manipulating a few that allied with skillful handling of technologies can cause irreparable damage.

“The problem with the cancel culture is that it is a moving and constantly changing targets,” Ruby said. She added, “It is based on individual opinions. So it’s very difficult to predict what will be canceled next,” according to Fox News.

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