Former President Bill Clinton’s family visited the Fox Ranch owned by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein almost every year, according to a contractor who worked there.

Security expert Jared Kellogg, who was hired to improve property protection, said former President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea traveled “a lot” of times to the ranch located in the state of New Mexico, according to the Dec. 3 Daily Mail.

Kellogg was linked by ranch manager Brice Gordon and detailed that the Clinton family used to stay in the “cowboy village,” a guest villa next to other traditional Wild West style buildings on the 9,884-acre property.

Bill Clinton was close to pedophile Epstein, found dead in his cell at Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center on Aug. 10.

According to the records of Epstein’s private plane, Bill Clinton traveled at least 27 times to his private island where girls were abused.

The death of the billionaire financier is being investigated by the FBI, because a possible ‘criminal operation’ is suspected, according to the director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Epstein is believed to have taken many dark secrets to his grave, as his links with politicians, royalty, scientists, and many others were deep, and in many cases involved child sexual abuse, occurring mainly on his island in the Caribbean Sea.

Dozens of women accused Epstein of sexual assault, as Business Insider reported. More than 20 of these plaintiffs attended an Aug. 27 hearing in a court in the Southern District of New York.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said after Epstein’s death that any co-conspirator “should not rest easy,” reported Washington Examiner.

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