Several media belonging to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), give him support and celebrate the possibility of a presidency of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. President Trump pursued policies to curb the CCP’s outrages around the world, while Biden sought to rebuild a relationship with the CCP and its oppressive economy. 

Chinese-owned Global Times is a recognized media outlet that transmits official CCP propaganda to the world. Hu Xijin, its editor-in-chief, shared on his official Twitter account a comment from an “intelligent internaut” as described by Xinjin, who said, “If Biden elected, i really sure relation between China and USA gonna be normalized. Because Beijing is For-Biden City.” 

Other Chinese propaganda media used the situation to provoke hostility toward the elections. China’s Central Television (CCTV) mocked democracy by saying, “The United States, the loser of the elections.”

Another state-run medium in Hong Kong wrote, “So-called American-style democracy has become a joke.

Chinese propagandists published articles indicating a preference for former Vice President Joe Biden in the months leading up to the election. Such was the case with the Global Times, which openly stated that Biden is considered a more “predictable” candidate in managing relations than President Trump “who has proven to be detrimental to trade with China.”

The Global Times statement also added, “Compared to Sanders and Trump, China is more familiar with Biden.”.

It is not difficult to understand why the Chinese Communist Party prefers Biden as president, considering that the candidate has a significant history of collaborating with the CCP in its entry into world trade, while his family benefited immensely from multimillion-dollar deals with Chinese Communist Party-owned companies, as Bles reported at the time.

In contrast, President Trump not only drew a line under the CCP’s business with the entire world, but was the first president, along with his officials, to openly condemn the regime’s ongoing human rights abuses, persecution of religious minorities, and exploitation of the hundreds of thousands of people illegally detained in forced labor camps.


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