The Catholic Association of the United States published an article titled Promises Made, Promises Kept: President Trump Has Delivered for Pro-life Americans and People of Faith in which it details the laws and President Trump’s efforts to reduce federal funding to clinics that perform abortions, and to protect the religious freedoms of Americans.

As the election approaches, both the Democratic and Republican parties have now held their national conventions and are closing their ranks and Americans are deciding which side to take. 

Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as vice president, are being presented as the progressive option, sometimes called by President Trump “the radical left” and endorsed by pro-abortion organizations such as NARAL Pro-Choice America, and they are speaking out in favor of the movement to “defund the police” and other socialist-tinted policies.

Catholics across the country have not let this important detail go unnoticed, and the Catholic Association published a list of President Trump’s top 10 pro-life, pro-religion achievements, which could well serve as a call to Catholics and other faithful in the country to put this in the balance when it comes to the Nov. 3 election; many are already doing so.

On Aug. 25, Fox News reported that a caller called C-SPAN 3, while broadcasting live, identifying himself as a lifelong Democrat who would vote Republican after watching both national conventions.

The caller, who identified himself only as Rick, of Lorain, Ohio, said on the air that he decided, in part, to change his vote to the way Republicans embraced the word “God.”

“The people on the Democratic side, at their convention—acted like they were pushing God right out of it. And that had a lot to do with changing my mind,” he said.

President Trump tweeted in surprise that the Democrats twice swore allegiance by removing the words “For God.”

Some of the accomplishments published by the Catholic Association are:

  • President Trump was the first president to attend the March for Life in 2019.
  • Implement new rules for Title X Family Planning to prevent federal funds from ending up in abortion clinics and instead shifting it to community health centers and allow states to exclude abortion providers from medical assistance programs.
  • He called on Congress to pass legislation to ban late-term abortions, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the protection of babies who survive abortions, and promised to veto any bill that would weaken pro-life policies, including repealing the old Hyde Amendment.
  • He defended religious organizations and people of faith such as Colorado baker Jack Phillips, who refused to put a homosexual message on a cake, from hostile state and local governments.
  • It ensured that employers cannot be forced to violate their religious beliefs to provide coverage for things like abortions in health plans and strengthened the enforcement of 25 federal conscience and religious freedom laws that protect doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care workers.

The complete list can be viewed here.

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