After a huge crowd of Americans came to Washington to support an investigation into the fraudulent election results. Some protesters entered the Capitol buildings, including infiltrated members of the Marxist antifa group. 

When the request to postpone the certification of the electoral votes to allow for the investigation was not heeded, President Donald Trump asked those present to return home peacefully, but one woman died inside the Capitol on Jan. 6. 

Twitter user @TweetTonyMac, who quoted author Paul Sperry, mentions that at least one bus full of antifa members infiltrated the peaceful demonstration of President Trump’s followers. 

Also, the facial recognition company XRVision reported that at least two of the people captured by its cameras were members of antifa, along with supporters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM). 

The protesters maintained a behavior focused on their grievance and the event as a whole contrasted sharply with the destruction and fires that characterize the riots of Marxist groups protected by the Democrats and the media. 

Nevertheless, there was the death of one of the demonstrators who entered the building and tried to get into the interior areas of the building.  

She was California Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was carrying an American flag on her back and trying to enter one of the Capitol halls through a window, when she was shot and killed.

Some media said it may have been a police officer who fired the shot, and the circumstances raise many doubts, including whether other alternatives could have been taken to prevent her entry.

People and police help a woman, who was shot, after supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump entered the Capitol building in Washington in this still frame obtained from social media video Jan. 6, 2021. (FREEDOMNEWS.TV/via Reuters)

In this video that accompanies a tweet from journalist Jennifer Zeng, we see the facts. 

Babbitt was unarmed and alone, she tried to pass from an interior staircase where there were more police than demonstrators. 

Several users of the network insisted that this death could have been avoided. 

“Anyone else find it odd that they just shoot her when they could have pulled her out of the window? Then they don’t even force people back when they tend to her? They’re just mingling with the crowd the whole time?” @samothbk asked. 

However, it is not clear who took the shot, some people speculated that Babbitt was shot in the back, at least that is what the user says @MichaelKeith in a tweet. 

“I don’t know if it was him but that sound didnt come from the other room and through that doorway to us. It was from within that room and 2 people turned around to see where it came from and looked back in the direction of the cop in the room. I’d bet money she was shot in the back.”

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