Ninety-one percent of the 637 riots in the U.S. between May 26 and Sept. 12 involved the Black Lives Matters (BLM) movement, a study revealed, according to the Sept. 17 Daily Caller.

These riots intensified from May 26, the day after the death of African American George Floyd in police custody.

The violence of the riots has caused dozens of deaths, thousands of fires, and the looting and burning of thousands of small commercial businesses, generating rejection at different levels of society.

One of its critics is the famous African American former NFL player, Herschel Walker, who confessed that he initially felt sympathy for the movement until he “woke up” when he realized that BLM leaders were trained under the Marxist doctrine.

“I have finally WOKE UP…I am shaking you America! As Maya said, when someone tells you who they are, believe them,” Walker tweeted, also naming the media as being complicit in the Marxist movement.

In fact, the co-founders of the movement, Patrisse Cullors, and Alicia Garza, have declared themselves trained in Marxist ideology.

In a 2015 video, Patrisse Cullors claimed that the BLM’s leaders are “trained Marxists,” and identified the BLM within that ideological context.

The leaders of the countries that have been governed according to Marxist ideology are accused of the death of around 100 million of their compatriots when they imposed these ideas through violence.

The tendency toward the radical left presented by the Democrats causes them to be identified as Marxists.  

Phil Robertson, the host of Blaze TV’s “In the Woods with Phil” and star of the show “Duck Dynasty,” accused the Democrats of supporting the Marxists, setting aside their values.

“Marxist ideology has replaced Christian values for the Democrats,” Robertson said, according to Breitbart.

“They’ve exchanged Jesus Christ for Karl Marx. Karl Marx is the one they’re going with. You would think human beings would learn better, but we’re not wrestling against flesh and blood, we’re wrestling against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Our struggle is with Satan,” Robertson said.

For President Donald Trump, the Marxist ideology pursued by the BLM movement is harmful.

“Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization, it’s a terrible name, it’s so discriminatory. It’s bad for blacks, it’s bad for everyone,” Trump said, explaining that the movement has also collapsed in terms of public approval. 

As the damage caused by the BLM-led riots increased, their rejection escalated.

Among whites, net approval is already negative and continues to fall, and among white Independents, the fall in support for the BLM is dramatic, from a net 23% in early June to a net 3% on Sept. 17.

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