In November, corporate banker Thomas Bowers, who worked for the U.S. wealth management division of Deutsche Bank AG, and who was close to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, was found lifeless in his home in Los Angeles, California.

According to the forensic report, Bowers committed suicide by hanging himself in his house before Thanksgiving.

According to Right Edition, news of the suicide came after the FBI attempted to collect information about Bowers in connection with the loans Deutsche Bank and Citibank provided to pedophile Epstein for two decades.

The 55-year-old executive who headed the private wealth banking division for Deutsche Bank and also served as head of Citibank’s private wealth section, signed millions of loans on behalf of the sex trafficker.

Epstein, in addition to making bank transfers from his accounts, had transferred a large part of his wealth to Deutsche Bank, although after the scandal and the investigations, the bank began to close the magnate’s accounts, according to Forbes.

Bank executive Mike Moore, who was a director of the anti-money-laundering division for an important division of Citigroup, granted significant loans to Epstein.

“The loans to Epstein were personal and commercial. (…) The Citi loans I can confirm were for more than $25 million. Some were secured, some were not,” Moore said, according to Right Edition.

According to reports, the FBI requested an appointment with CitiBank earlier this year to investigate loans and accounts linked to Jeffrey Epstein and Bowers was among those to be interviewed about the management of the pedophile’s finances.

Apparently, Epstein had refused to repay the loans Citi gave him, but Bowers continued to maintain the relationship with him precisely because of his elite ties, reports would also indicate that Bowers traveled to the private island of Epstein, Little St. James, and would also have been at his home in New York.

A Citi executive said, ” Epstein made Bowers and his financial institutions hundreds of millions of dollars. It really didn’t even matter that Epstein stiffed Citi for $30 million in defaults because he brought so much new money, new blood in. Citi made far more than it lost,” according to True Pundit.

Deutsche Bank closed Epstein’s accounts weeks after receiving federal subpoenas, according to American Banker.

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