The election of Kamala Harris as the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate has sparked a wave of criticism from various quarters, not only for her radical positions but also that she and Biden do not complement each other.

In the middle of the Democratic Party National Convention, which will end Thursday with the official definition of its candidates for the Nov. 3 general election, former Republican representative Newt Gingrich predicts that the Biden-Harris candidacy will collapse stunningly in the next six weeks.

“This week’s Democratic National Convention will be the high-water mark before the collapse of the Joe Biden–Kamala Harris ticket,” Gingrich said in a column on Fox News.

The former House speaker said three crucial factors would determine the fall of the Democratic duo.

Biden’s state of mind

If Barack Obama’s former vice president beats Republican Donald Trump, he will be sworn in at age 78 (he will be 80 before he reaches the midpoint of his eventual first term).

But what Gingrich highlights in his column is Biden’s mental capacity, since, on several occasions, the Democratic candidate has made strange comments that make many doubt his lucidity.

For example, in February, he claimed he was running for the Senate. During the Democratic nomination race, he told people to “visit” Joe 30330 (mistaking it for a website). He also advised parents to make sure they play “the record player on at night” to help their children. In March, he began reciting the Declaration of Independence and immediately forgot it, and during a speech, he mistook his wife, for his sister.

“Joe Biden is clearly incapable of functioning as president,” Gingrich said, explaining, “Every time he comes out from hiding in the basement, it is embarrassingly clear that he could not possibly negotiate” with foreign leaders such as Chinese dictator Xi Jinping or Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“He is performing weaker and weaker with each passing week. Even when his campaign can control every aspect of his events or appearances, there is something pathetic about Biden’s inability to project strength or articulate any firm ideas,” summarized Gingrich.

Indeed, in what appears to be a campaign strategy, the Democratic candidate has made few public appearances and has given almost no extensive interviews.

According to a late June poll by Rasmussen Reports, nearly four in 10 voters believe Biden has dementia.

Similarly, according to a more recent Rasmussen poll nearly six in 10 Americans believe that, should the Democratic Party win the election, Harris will become president for the next four years.

And this is where the next problem appears for Gingrich.

Harris’s limited capabilities

According to Gingrich, Harris will prove to be the “most disastrous” vice presidential candidate since 1972, when Sen. Thomas Eagleton had to resign from the Democratic vice presidential race after his depression and psychiatric problems became known.

Gingrich recalls that while still in the race for the presidency, Harris had oscillated between taking the more radical positions and then shifting to more moderate positions at the appropriate time “when she got blowback.”

“She was as unreliable in her policy positions as she was in her attacks on Biden,” he said, citing the aggressive attacks on former Vice President Barack Obama during the Democratic debates.

“If Biden is exhausted and hiding in a basement, his running mate is energetically bouncing all over the place with no consistency or reliability,” said Gingrich.

While Harris was proposed to attract the African American vote, Gingrich doubts that this is the case. He quotes in his November 2019 column, a Quinnipiac University poll showing that the former California Attorney General, with only 6 percent, ranked fourth in voting intent among black Democratic voters. At that time, Biden had 44 percent, Sanders 10 percent, and Warren 8 percent.

“When Biden was drawing nearly eight black votes for every vote Harris was getting, so why would the Democrats think adding her to the ticket was a smart idea,” Gingrich asked.

The new radicalism of the Democratic Party

Finally, Gingrich said that the Democratic Party’s radicalization will be exposed in the coming weeks and will be rejected by the majority of the American people.

Among the examples he cites are Harris’s commitment to renew the “Obama effort to destroy suburban neighborhoods, the use of taxpayer money to pay for abortions through the ninth month of pregnancy—which is opposed even by many pro-choice Americans—and Biden’s commitment to Beto O’Rourke to exercise gun control—which will alienate virtually all Second Amendment supporters.”

He also noted how many Democratic mayors and prosecutors “represent a pro-criminal future that is exploding into violence. As Democrats continue to publicly praise ‘soft on crime prosecutors’ and cry ‘defund the police,’ the choice in November will become pro-police versus pro-criminal, and there is a huge majority against violence,” explained Gingrich.

” As the depth of radicalism of the Biden–Harris platform and the Chuck Schumer–Nancy Pelosi legislative agenda become clear to the American people, they will be increasingly alienated from the new radical Democratic Party and its candidates,” he concluded.

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