A World War II veteran from Austin, Texas, is turning 100 and her family is asking the community to send birthday cards in honor of her service as well as for reaching birthday triple digits!

Second Lt. Willie Evelyn Tucker served in the Army as a nurse and she’s turning 100 years old on Dec. 14, Military.com reported.

“And I’m pushing whatever,” Tucker joked about to turn 100. “As long as I can get around–I told Mary (her daughter) if I fell, she can knock me in the head.”

Tucker, who was commissioned as a nurse in 1944, showed the uniform she wore serving in the 168th General Hospital, which was actually a tent hospital set up in an open field in rural France.

“Tent city, that’s what we called it. It rained quite a bit. … We couldn’t get out and do things … We sat in tents and done [sic] what we could,” Tucker explained with KVUE.

“There’s nothing we could do for our wounded men that would be too much,” she told her hometown paper during the war. “They come in from forward area hospitals, many with deep wounds, amputations, bad burns—but they never whimper or complain.”

Like many World War II veterans, her unit made a complicated journey to the front. She also traveled to the front line in France by way of the Queen Mary.

“[She] always told us about the Queen Mary, sailing on the Queen Mary and Winston Churchill being on the ship, not being able to see him. But she thought it was an honor to be on the ship with him,” her daughter, Mary Spence, said.

There are also plenty of mementos from that time in the home the soon-to-be-100-year-old shares with her daughter.

“These are wooden shoes that a prisoner of war, a German prisoner of war, carved for her,” Spence said.

Now, Tucker’s family are asking for new mementos–birthday cards for the centenarian, which she would like very much.

“I’d feel wonderful,” Tucker said about getting more birthday cards.

The address to send her birthday cards is:

Evelyn Tucker
4602 Bridlewood Dr.
Austin, Texas 78727