The border crisis is a reality in the United States, and the Biden administration is receiving a lot of criticism for its handling of it. This time it is the Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, Mark Dannels, who, in an interview for Fox & Friends Weekend, blames Joe Biden for the situation in his county and the rest of the state.

For the sheriff, all Americans should be concerned about what is happening on the country’s southern border because it is a threat to national security. He also says that there is no idea who they are and that the cartels are getting them into the country and releasing them.

“Right now in this country, we had over 200,000 getaways. What that means is they’ve been seen on federal cameras but were not captured. And that’s what’s being seen. 200,000 in my sector of the state, my region of the state over 60,000. And then you look at every day on the southwest border, 1,100 getaways are coming into our country every day.”

Dannels is concerned that he cannot fulfill what he swore to do when he took office “safeguard the quality of life Americans expect and to protect all Americans. He also believes that “every elected leader should pay a political price on this issue.”

In turn, he describes the border as the “largest crime scene” as no one approached him to tell him that the border thing is a good thing and added, “I mean, it is an epidemic in my state that we have a border that’s not secure.”

One cannot lose sight that June had the highest number of illegal immigrants in the last 21 years. The figure rose to 188,829, according to the latest update on the official site of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

It should be noted that Sheriff Dannels’ concern is not minor; the border crisis not only puts the American people at risk but also the illegal immigrants themselves since smugglers have no qualms about exposing them to danger and do not discriminate by age.

More and more cases are coming to light of horrendous situations involving human smugglers who sexually abuse migrant women and put children and babies on rafts to cross the Rio Grande Valley River in Texas.

According to a posting on the official U.S. Customs and Border Protection website, during the first days of July, the Border Patrol and Coast Guard encountered situations of all kinds involving cartel smugglers who profit from the lives of migrants.

In one case, a woman of Honduran origin told border agents that she had just crossed the border with her husband and child. She said the smuggler separated her from her family, asked them to hide elsewhere, and threw her to the ground, and tore her shirt and pants. The woman fought off the aggressor and was able to escape.

In another case, Coast Guard agents rescued nine migrants who were on a sinking raft. In the boat, which was pushed far from shore by smugglers, were a nine-month-old baby and two unaccompanied children. The migrants were without life jackets and screamed for help as the raft began to sink and were rescued and delivered safely to agents at the McAllen Border Patrol Station.

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