Harris County prosecutors say Santiago Esperanza, the boyfriend of the woman charged with hiding her 5-year-old daughter’s body in a closet will also be charged in connection with the case.

Priscilla Torres’s boyfriend was charged with tampering with evidence, namely a human corpse.

It’s the same charge Torres is facing with the bond of $50,000.

Torres initially told investigators little Sierra Patino died after drinking toilet bowl cleaner. But she later changed her story, saying the child was injured while Esperanza was giving her a bath.

“We believe he was in the apartment with Priscilla Torres and that they acted together,” prosecutors said. “(They) put the body in the closet and then left the scene for multiple days before Priscilla Torres reported this to police.”

Sierra Patino. (Facebook)

The child was dead for several days.

“It’s very troubling no matter how the child died, whether it was accidental or intentional death, for a body to be in a closet for several days,” said Lt. Larry Crowson, of the Houston Police Department. “It’s just pretty unthinkable.”

Torres hasn’t said why she didn’t report the incident a week earlier when it happened.

Police are waiting for the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

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