Rep. Joaquin Castro’s (D-Texas) decision to publish a list of people who have donated to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has inspired long lines at a Texas donor’s restaurant.

Many people identified on the political list recently shared by Castro have been harassed by leftists, but many Americans have come out to show support for the people unfairly singled out for supporting President Trump.

One of those donors is Bill Miller Bar-B-Q in San Antonio.

“It seems Castro may have unintentionally advertised for the business because people claiming to be locals are reporting lines of people looking to support it stretching long and far,” BizPac Review reported.

Another user reported that “lines were out the door” and “drive up lanes were several times longer than usual” at the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q they visited.

“Here in San Antonio it has resulted in some unintended consequences. One of the companies he fixed is Bill Miller’s Barbeque. The lines were out the door, and the drive up lanes were several times longer than usual. So, thank you Joaquin, we show you don’t matter,” the user tweeted.

“Nothing like free advertising,” reported another who also said the line was “out the door” at the restaurant he went to.

After Castro posted the names of San Antonio’s 44 most influential Trump donors, Bill Miller BBQ has become a trending topic on Twitter, with some vowing they will boycott the barbecue staple and the Pearl, and others saying they will continue eating at the chain.

Gov. Greg Abbott seemingly responded to the drama by tweeting out photos of him enjoying dinner at Bill Miller BBQ the following night.

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