A police officer’s job never ends, even when he stops working and drives home. 

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo was headed home from work when a Dodge Charger flew past him at more than 100 mph.

He started to follow the car but a Mercedes past him and started to race the Charger in and out of traffic, he said.

Acevedo called for backup and a helicopter for eyes in the sky and started following the racers.

When the driver of the Mercedes went southbound on I-45 and exited on Dallas Street and ran a red light, Acevedo turned on his lights and pulled the driver over. 


The driver admitted to the police chief that he saw the other car speeding and decided, “Let’s see what my car can do.”

Acevedo said he is fed up with reckless driving.

“People watch ‘The Fast and The Furious’ and they don’t realize that’s Hollywood. This is real life,” Acevedo said. “We have way too many people dying on our highways. We can’t be putting up with this reckless behavior.”

The driver is “going to jail for reckless behavior and his car is going to car jail,” the police chief said.

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