Fish fell from the sky into a town in northeastern Texas, hundreds of kilometers from the ocean.

The majority of the fish are the size of a palm. In a Facebook post, the city of Texarkana informed residents that they might have been scooped up by a waterspout and fallen back to earth when it lost momentum.

According to the Library of Congress, a frequent misunderstanding regarding waterspouts is that they “rise out of the sea.” However, they develop in the air and then fall to the water’s surface.

National Geographic said that updrafts—super-powerful winds, can pick up species larger than slender fish, including birds, bats, frogs, and snakes.

Fish rains are an example of “animal rain,” according to Texarkana city. Even though “it’s uncommon,” this situation can arise when the weather is just right—and the fish are light enough.

Powerful water pipelines gather up the creatures from the ground, starting in the air and descending to the surface.

The vortex at the center of the waterspouts can pick up small, light items, including fish, as these column gain momentum.

Those small objects fall back as the water column loose energy, according to the U.S. Library of Congress.

Texarkana inhabitants recorded and photographed their raining fish.

Tim Brigham, a Texarkana resident, thought the small fish falling from the sky was “pretty cool.” He started to get “a bucket and pick them up for fishing bait.”

Others responded to the city’s Facebook request to “show us your fishy pics” by posting photos of the fish in their backyard.

Texarkana’s animal rain may be one of the state’s only documented cases of the phenomena.

As 9 News reported, the last time something like this happened in California was in 2017. Officials at Oroville Elementary School stated that 100 fish dropped from the sky and landed on the school premises.

Animals falling from the sky legends have been prevalent for hundreds of years, according to the United States Library of Congress.

However, several scientists have questioned their existence throughout the years because they do not have the original historic reports on this phenomenon.

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