Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, communicated from his Twitter account on Sunday, Feb. 7, that he was working on a bill together with lawmakers in his state, seeking to prevent Big Tech from taking advantage of their monopolistic status to “moderate” users’ content according to their own interests and political ideals.

Abbott said, “We are working with Sen. Hughes on legislation to prevent social media providers like Facebook & Twitter from canceling conservative speech.”

Several states have developed strategies and taken concrete steps to protect the free flow of speech and prevent Silicon Valley from using its monopoly to control and/or eliminate speech with which they disagree. 

One of the states that went ahead to take action against Big Tech censorship was Florida. Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Feb. 2, announced stiff penalties for Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google should they violate Floridians’ freedom of speech or interfere with citizens’ access to candidates during an election.

These companies have been repeatedly criticized for their political bias and alleged unbalanced moderation of user content. Even Facebook and Twitter’s top officials have been held accountable by the U.S. Senate, where they claimed to have played a highly active role during the last presidential election, removing conservative content while protecting Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Texas), is leading the development of the project aimed at limiting the power of Big Tech. He assured in dialogue with local journalists, “Federal law allows us to regulate these companies, so the bill we are preparing to introduce will say that if a company discriminates against you, if platforms block you or kick you out based on your point of view, your politics, or religion based on discrimination of your way of thinking, we will give you a way to reconnect.”

In parallel, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also confirmed during an interview on Fox News that his state will take further steps to address the issue of extreme censorship being adopted by major tech firms against conservative speech and its representatives. 

“We have already started. We have a lawsuit against Google that focuses some of the very issues about their dominance, about how they abuse consumers, about how they take their private information, they don’t pay these consumers and they then use that information to make billions of dollars without the consumer really knowing how their private information is going to be used,” Paxton added.

The Trump administration repeatedly warned about the subjugation of Big Tech and how it abuses its monopoly power to shape society’s discourse, eliminating conservative voices and movements.

Currently, conservative states are the only ones doing something to limit the abusive power of Big Tech, while these companies continue to act in step with Democratic politicians and leftist ideologies that benefit from the censorship.