Following his promise in early March about Texas’ unilateral move to tackle the crisis at its border that the Biden administration’s policies had been underrating, or somewhat neglecting, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Tex.) proposed on June 15 that the Lone Star State would build its own wall by relying on crowdfunding.

Of the construction itself, Abbott, in a podcast interview, said that Texas would seek donors from across the U.S. to proceed with the measure. 

“When I do make the announcement later on this week, I will also be providing a link that you can click on and go to for everybody in the United States—really everybody in the entire world—who wants to help Texas build the border wall. There will be a place on there where they can contribute,” Abbott said on the podcast, a show about Republican politics called “Ruthless,” reported by Click2Houston.

The precise and complete detail of his plan has not been disclosed. Still, Abbott affirmed that the public could expect “great transparency” with the funding process, ensuring “everyone will know every penny in, every penny out, but the sole purpose for those funds will be going to build the border wall.”

When the solution for the haunting flocks of illegal immigrants at Texas’ border was introduced on June 10, it raised immediate financial concerns alongside threats of legal challenges that said a state does not have authority over immigration. 

In 2017, it was estimated by the Department of Homeland Security that former President Donald Trump’s border wall project was costing up to $21.6 billion and would take 3.5 years to build for the designated 576-mile. 

According to OMB, allegedly, some parts of the construction had an inflated cost of $46 million per mile for installments of additional security technologies. However, the fence built during the Bush presidency only cost around $11 million each mile.

Before leaving the office to his successor, the Trump administration has completed 458 miles of the wall, which has reached a part of Texas, said this year’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics.

Some parts of the wall segments in Texas alone were said to cost $27 million per mile by lawmakers. 

The initiation for Texas to complete its border wall was due to Abbott’s disagreements with how the Biden administration was looking at the immigration issue. Abbott criticized their lax attitude, bringing Texas more troubles with “gangs and cartels, human traffickers and deadly drugs like fentanyl.”

In May, the Texas governor reported that state authorities had captured 137 grams of the illegal drug in 2021. This was an alarming call compared to a total of 52 grams seized in 2020, in addition to the virtually no fentanyl records between 2017 and 2019.

The Biden administration does not seem to share a similar view with Abbott, which resulted in its termination of the border wall project. 

On June 11, the White House announced that the billion’s worth of funding meant for the US–Mexico border construction was being sent back to its original military missions and functions as Trump’s project was canceled by president Biden.

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