Authorities are searching for two young men who were seen on a Facebook Live video threatening to kidnap a toddler at a public park in exchange for the mother’s cellphone.

The incident was reported at around 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 7, at Cottonwood Park in Texas, according to Richardson police.

Police said that Susana Posada had taken her three young children to the park and was crossing a small bridge when she was confronted by two men.

The woman happened to be recording a Facebook Live video of her children as she walked and was unaware of the two men until one walked toward her and grabbed her cellphone, FOX 4 reported.

“As she’s crossing over the bridge, she’s confronted by two young, mid to late teen, black males who want her cellphone,” said Richardson Police Sgt. Kevin Perlich.

When Posada resisted giving the phone, the men grabbed one of the children. She said she let the device go as her child is more important.

“As soon as she let go of the phone, the other guy just dropped the baby like to the floor. And the baby started crying,” said Lourdes Salinas, Posada’s mother-in-law.

Despite losing the cellphone, Posada was still able to share a recording of the Facebook post and it could be helpful to police.

“We are certainly checking with the schools around that particular area,” Perlich said.

Police said they are working on a sketch of the attempted kidnappers.

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