The Waxahachie High School students made 98 Thin Blue Line wooden flags and gifted to every officer in the Waxahachie Police Department (WPD) on Thursday, Nov. 14, the school district said in a Facebook post.

“We are proud of these students’ craftsmanship and hard work and thankful for the service of our wonderful police department!” the post read.

“Each flag is handmade and, therefore, each on is a ‘one-of-a-kind.’ The employees were not only surprised but they were just amazed by the effort and thoughtfulness of the students to take on a project like this … Each flag has hand-engraved stars and burnished wood stripes,” Chief Goolsby said.

The school juniors and seniors began working on the project in January last year under the direction of Curtis Green who teaches construction and architecture classes. Green brought the idea to his students after helping a friend and fellow teacher in another district with a similar project.

“While doing it I thought that my students could make these for the local department,” he said. “This project was not an assignment, but we did work on it in class when we had inclement weather or a test that did not take the entire class period.”

Lowe’s donated lots of culled lumber to the school. The group of students used the school’s construction machinery to remove the flawed areas that had previously rendered the lumber unsellable.

“The students got a lot out of working on this and they were very excited when they were able to distribute them to the police department,” Green added.

The group took pictures with the officers at the department as they showed off their hard work. The WPD posted photos of the students holding their handmade flags to Facebook on Nov. 15. WPD Community Services Officer O.T. Glidewell said that the department was humbled by the act of solidarity.

“Each officer here was very touched by the kind gesture and show of support and planned on displaying their flag with pride. Most of our officers have taken their flags home to proudly display and share with their family. Currently, my flag is displayed in my office. I plan on displaying my flag at my home above the fireplace,” Glidewell told the Daily Light.

“It is a great feeling and we are very proud to have the support of the students, teachers, school district, and community. The students put hours and hours of work into each flag, personalizing them in their own individual and unique way,” he added. “This was an amazing group of students and teachers that came together to make this a success.”

The blue line represents the sacrifices of law enforcement.