Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said he will not allow the Biden administration to destroy jobs in the state and signed an executive order for all state agencies to prepare to challenge any federal action that threatens its energy industry.

“I’m in Midland to make clear that Texas is going to protect the oil and gas industry from any type of hostile attack launched from Washington D.C.,” according to local NBC DFW on Jan. 28.

Also, Abbott will veto legislation related to the Green New Deal, should it pass, and pushed legislation to prevent a ban on natural gas appliances.

“President Biden’s embrace of the green new deal is a job killer in Texas,” Abbott emphasized.

He added, “It also takes a wrecking ball to the energy independence that Texas has been able to provide to the United States of America and Texas is not going to stand idly by …”

In his order Abbott arms state institutions so they can counter Biden’s provisions, actions that could shape a new conflict, at least administratively.

“Each state agency should work to identify potential litigation, notice and comment opportunities and any other means of preventing federal overreach within the law,” he wrote.

Another measure Abbott will implement is to prevent city or county officials from banning natural gas appliances in new buildings, as they began in San Francisco.

“In Texas, we will not let cities use political correctness to dictate what energy source you use,” he added.

Biden is causing increasing concern and anger among Americans for his globalist tendencies that include joining the Paris climate accords, an option that had already been discarded by the former Presdient Trump.

In response Biden lashed out against the energy industry, immediately destroying the creation of jobs by banning the Keystone XL pipeline.

He also temporarily banned the issuance of new permits and leases for drilling and fracking on federal lands and the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies, which would eliminate the creation of up to 1 million jobs if these policies continued. 


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