A teenage girl who was left paralyzed in a horrible car accident is a fighter.

Lacy Johnson, 17, from Houston, Texas, was clinging to life and bleeding internally just two months ago.

“I got cut from the glass,” said Lacy. “My back broke in four places, my skull detached from my spine, I had a collapsed lung.”

On June 7, Lacy was in a car with her best friend and her best friend’s mother. When the mother began to have a seizure while driving, Lacy released her seat belt in an attempt to gain control of the car but instead, it rolled over and she was ejected.

The horrific accident left the 17-year-old serious injuries and paralyzed on her left side. The doctors told her family she might not survive.

But, Lacy was determined to fight for her life and walk again. S

Lacy focuses on each step before reaching the end of the hall, taking a break, and trying again while working with her occupational and physical therapists to practice walking, stretching, and using her left arm to move and grab objects.

Little by little Lacy has been making good progress at TIRR Memorial Hermann where she has been since early July. As of July 24, Lacy has been regaining the use of her leg and left arm. She is able to breathe and speak without the help of a machine or a trach in her throat.

“When I got here I kept telling them I’m walking out of here,” she said.

Her little sisters, Olivia, Alexus, Layla, and Zuri are her motivation. They visit her at TIRR Memorial Hermann consistently and aid in her therapy alongside the OTRs and PTs.

“We never thought we were going to spend the summer in the hospital, everyday,” said Olivia.

Despite her challenges, Lacy has managed to keep a sense of humor and be positive throughout the process.

Now a month later, she has achieved her goal. She plans to leave the rehabilitation center as soon as possible.

“God is real without him I wouldn’t have made it at all,” she said.

Lacy will be able to go back to Cy-Ridge in the fall, but may have to be homeschooled for a portion of the school year.

“I’m patiently waiting,” she said. “My summer went down the drain. I got another chance next year.”

She now has new goals. She feels her purpose here on earth is to inspire the next generation.

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