The Texas House of Representatives approved on Thursday, April 6, a bill that will penalize the state’s largest cities if they eventually reduce their police budgets. The pressure on cities to reduce law enforcement budgets comes from leftist sectors imposing their radical ideologies.

Bill 1900 was promoted by Republican State Representatives Craig Goldman, Will Metcalf, Greg Bonnen, and Angie Chen Button, and Democratic State Representative Richard Peña Raymond. It passed on a 91-55 vote.

HB 1900 still needs a final vote on the House floor before it can move to the Senate, but all indications are that it will get the necessary votes. 

Under the new rules, if the governor’s office determines that a city with a population of more than 250,000 within the state of Texas has cut police funding, state authorities could appropriate part of the city’s taxes and use that money to pay the Texas Department of Public Safety expenses. 

The Governor’s office would also prohibit those cities from raising property taxes or utility rates to prevent them from attempting to use the increase to offset taxes redistributed by the state.

Cities would only be exempt from the new regulations if the reduction to the police department is proportionally equal to an overall decrease in the city’s budget. They can also get approval to cut police budgets if one year’s expenditures were higher due to capital expenditures or disaster response.

“As municipalities across this nation are taking funds away from their police departments, they’re taking money out of police budgets and putting it elsewhere in city budgets. This bill ensures that in the state of Texas, that will not be allowed,” Goldman, a Republican representative from Fort Worth, said on the House floor Thursday, the Texas Tribune reported.

Last month, the Texas Senate had already passed a similar measure with Senate Bill 23, which would prevent local governments from reducing their law enforcement budgets without a prior election certifying voter approval.

But the latest initiative goes even a step further by criminalizing any attempt to defund law enforcement.

The latest bill comes after more than a year of pressure from various extreme left-wing groups who, through violent protests across the country, seek to “defund the police.” 

The fever for this demand was born after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year and the fatal shooting of Mike Ramos in Austin, which led the latter city to cut the police budget by approximately one-third.

It is hoped that with this type of legislation that they intend to develop in Texas, they will be able to put a stop to those dangerous leftist initiatives that aim at destroying the foundations based on law and order.



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