A group of Texas lawmakers has introduced a new bill to prevent transgender athletes from participating in “single-sex” competitive sporting events. The goal is to prevent physical disadvantages by limiting participation in competitive female-only events to biological females.

The bill rejects a recent executive order signed by Joe Biden that seeks to eliminate legal definitions of men and women as separate genders, which would somehow enable biological men to participate in women’s competitions.

The provision signed by Democratic President Joe Biden was issued without debate, despite the controversial nature of the measure. The order explicitly allows biological men to compete as women if they “identify” as such. 

Another controversial point of the presidential regulation is that the order will force schools to allow transgender students and teachers to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their opposite biological sex.

The bill introduced by Texas does not differ much from other state bills, which became law, promoted by conservative sectors to ensure a fair system of sports competition within schools.

As reported by the Texas Tribune, at least nine states have legislation that regulates the participation of transgender people in sports competitions. These will be joined by several states that will also be introducing bills this year that will even seek to apply these policies in universities as well.

The left and representatives of the LGTB ideology claim that this type of legislation to be approved in Texas is an attempt against their rights, but without further arguments, since the law does not seek to discriminate or condemn the behavior of minorities who identify with a different gender than the biological one, but simply to ensure that the majority can compete on equal terms. 

Alleging competitive disadvantages and insecurity toward women, the popular Australian Olympic medalist Jane Flemming, supports and requests the sports authorities not to allow transgender women to participate in women’s competitions.

Australian-born Flemming is an experienced 55-year-old Olympic athlete who retired from competition. She recently raised concerns about transgender athletes participating in women’s sports competitions, arguing an imminent danger to women, as well as a glaring and unfair competitive disadvantage.

In an interview she gave to ABC, Flemming said, “The difference is that for those who are born as biological males, if they go through puberty in particular, they absolutely have some physiological advantages.”  

She added, “Whether it’s bone strength or greater muscle mass, there are other aspects as well, not only does it affect performance but there’s a health or danger aspect.”

Unfortunately, the defenders of gender equality, not finding logical and rational grounds to confront the arguments defended by Flemming or the Texas senators, usually try to discredit them by accusing them of being homophobic and intolerant of what is different, when the issue is raised from the sports field and not from an ideological one.