Last Friday, May 14, Tennessee’s Republican Governor Bill Lee gave another demonstration of his fight against the left by signing a bill into law that would require restrooms and locker rooms to be used according to their biological sex and not their perceived sex, according to the AP.

This law will go into effect on July 1 and will allow employees, students and parents to file civil lawsuits if the establishment allows transgender people to use private spaces assigned for people of a different biological sex than theirs.

In other words, both men and women must be governed to use the restrooms according to their natural sex regardless of their self-perception and in case of non-compliance with this regulation, any person who feels affected may file a civil lawsuit against the school authorities with monetary compensation “for all psychological, emotional and physical damages suffered”.

These legal actions could also apply in the case of requiring pupils to share a dormitory with persons of different biological sex, except in the case of family members.

As expected, Lee’s new initiative generated an uproar in the LGBT community and its advocates denounced the regulation as a discriminatory law.

Human Rights Campaign spokesperson, Wyatt Ronan, assures that this is the first law of this type signed in 5 years by a state.

Under the proposal, schools must try to provide a single-occupancy or employee-use locker room or restroom if an employee or student “desires greater privacy in using a multiple-occupancy restroom or locker room” designated for his or her sex at birth.

In turn, the Republican governor sees this initiative as a law promoting “restroom equality.” Lee told reporters last week:

“That bill provides equal access to all students. It’s a reasonable accommodation,” adding, “It allows accommodations for all students regardless of gender. I think it’s a smart approach to the challenge.”

It is worth noting that the governor is running for statewide election next year, his state has already enacted several laws that strongly challenge the progressivism that has taken place in the United States in recent years.

Tennessee, a historically Republican state, shows its conservative position, according to different legislations that have been carried out by both the governor and the state legislature.

In March of this year, Governor Lee signed a law so that transgender athletes cannot participate in girls’ competitions “to preserve women’s athletics and ensure fair competition”, as he stated in a tweet he posted on March 26.

He also signed a law in which school districts must inform parents 30 days in advance of classes that are sexual orientation or gender identity, so that parents can exclude their children from these biased classes.

According to the AP, the Tennessee legislature passed a law this year that prohibits sex change treatments for minors due to the risks they pose to children.

In turn, on February 12, two state legislators introduced a bill to allow parents of unborn children to object if the mother wants to have an abortion.

In her fight against abortion, Lee also signed a bill in March to allow the remains of children aborted in abortion clinics and hospitals to be cremated or buried.

All these actions only show the clear differences in respect for life and traditional values between conservatives and progressives.

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