Students and parents from Central High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, complained after an administrator had the bathrooms mirrors painted over because so many students were late to class.

The Hamilton County School District said an unidentified administrator at the high school told a worker to paint the mirrors. They took it as a last resort as students spend too much time in the bathroom rather than in class.

The decision has sparked controversy in the community. School board member Steve Highlander said parents called, emailed, and messaged him on Facebook about the issue. He called the school and was assured they were handling it.

On Friday, Aug. 6, the principal left a schoolwide voicemail and sent an email, saying the paint had been removed, WKYT reported

Do you think students are spending too much time on clothes or make-up rather than focusing on studying? Do you agree or disagree with the school’s decision? Or are there any better ways to handle it? Let us hear your thoughts.