A family in Greenville, Tennessee, is mourning the loss of two family members after two tragic events occurred in less than 48 hours.

Greeneville police found the body of Christopher Short, 33, outside the Celebrity Coin Laundry on Oct. 2, 2019. The department did not provide details about how he died but identified Stanley Eric Mossburg, 35, as the murder suspect.

Upon learning Christopher was murdered, his father, Alan Short, could not bear the news. He suffered a heart attack and died Oct. 3—Within 24 hours of Christopher’s death, WATE-TV reported.

“He said it was the worst pain he had ever felt. He said it was worse than when his mom and dad died, that he didn’t know if he could make it. The very next morning, he had a heart attack and died,” Wayne Short, Christopher Short’s uncle, said. “The stress just was too much for him.”

Mossburg, who evaded law enforcement for 12 days, is also the suspect in two more murders in Florida. He was eventually taken into custody on Tuesday, Oct. 15, after an intense manhunt and hours-long standoff, deputies said.

Wayne Short said Alan was the type of older brother anyone would have ever wanted.

“We worked together like 10 different jobs. I was his(Alan) younger brother, so a lot of times when he’d get a job somewhere, he’d get me a job somewhere,” he said. “Even though we were a little rambunctious, we were always a really tight family. If you were arguing with one of us, we’d take up for the other one. We were always together no matter what.”

As for Christopher Short’s family, they are trying to cope with two losses.

“The people in my family, most of them, they get really angry when they hear about it. Me, I kind of understand it and I’m angry but you know, I’m not going to express my feelings as anger. It’s more like, I just want justice,” Wayne said.

Funeral arrangements for Christopher and Alan are set for Friday, Oct. 18.

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