Some moments in life are special and remind us it is often the small things that count.

Such was the case last week when a firefighter was snapped reading a book to a young girl, and the picture has gone viral this week.

The moment was captured and shared on Facebook by Allie Marie Schmalz. 

“Sweetest thing ever! This fireman is reading books to a little girl after being in an accident. First responders are amazing,” Schmalz wrote.

“I had to take a picture when I saw him doing that! It was just a precious moment that I thought needed to be shared,” she said. “They work so hard and don’t ever get the credit they deserve.”

According to KTVQ, the accident occurred on Wednesday, Sept. 29, when emergency crews were clearing away debris after an accident on Broadwater Avenue and Second Avenue North in Billings, Montana.

The fireman pictured was Billings firefighter Ryan Benton. While the crews were working around the scene, he decided to keep a girl preoccupied, by reading her a story.

Schmalz said Benton also gave the girl with a bag of goodies.

“We’re going to take care of the job we’re doing there first. That’s our first priority,” Cameron Abell, a colleague of Benton told KTVQ.

“That firefighter, Ryan, he was there, they were cleaning up the car accident, and so he took it upon himself to, to take the time to make those kids feel safe,” Abell added.

Abell also joked that Ryan of a reserved man did not enjoy the idea of being brought out in “the spotlight,” but he thought moments like this deserve to be honored.

“But he, he did great work that day and he said he didn’t want to be on the interview because that’s his job and he’s just doing his job,” Abell said. “… It’s good to recognize their good work.”

Abell told the news agency that the Billings Fire Department was always prepared to offer something for children in such situations. They have been supplied with book bags from the Rimrock Credit Union and Usborne Books for the past three years.

According to Abell, the books had been perfect aides for firefighters to help people with their emotions during stressful moments.

“Something that we deal with on a day in and day out basis that parents may not be able to cope with yet because they’re also going through the same situation,” he said. “The sense of calm that maybe we can bring to the children can help the adults calm down as well.”

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