A television presenter suggested the president’s acquittal from the impeachment trial was a lot like the outcome of a controversial sports celebrity’s murder trial.

ABC “The View” cohost Joy Behar dismissed the Senate trial’s decision not to remove President Donald Trump from the Oval Office and believes he is just as guilty as OJ Simpson was for allegedly murdering former wife Nicole Simpson back in 1994.

“By the way acquittal, acquitted, does not mean you did not commit a crime,” Behar said on a video uploaded to Twitter. “Three words: O.J. Simpson.”

The remarks drew a lackluster applause from the audience and awkward laughs from other talent in the studio. The cohost then ripped her earpiece off her right ear, preventing the broadcaster’s production crew from communicating with her.

When asked whether Behar removed her earpiece, the cohost then confessed her technical difficulties were due to her suffering from a mental breakdown while on air.

“I am crazy today, he [the president] has made me crazy, this week,” Behar said. “I mean, he is winning because I am getting nuttier and nuttier.”

The following day Simpson lamented the impeachment process and suggested those who wanted the president to be impeached to admit defeat and move on.

“It was unfortunate our country had to go through it,” he said on a video posted to Twitter. “As far as the outcome is concerned, like it or not, it is over.”

The 72-year-old recalled his acquittal from two counts of murder in what mainstream media called the “trial of the century.”

“I have had some very interesting verdicts in my life but I tried to honor it, make the most of it, and move on,” he said. “That is what I think we should do now.”

Back in July he separately recalled ancient philosopher Plato’s theory that while alternative opinions can exist there is no such a thing as alternative facts.

“[Opinions] are not fact, at the most they could be a possibility and maybe even a probability but the facts are they are not fact” he said on a video posted to Twitter. “Opinions are like armpits, everybody has got them and most of the time they stink.”

Simpson, who considers himself to be a “glass [is] half full” kind of person, suggested people should try to stay positive no matter what “haters” say on the internet and how negative opinions are broadcast through cable television on “just about everything.”