Authorities have arrested a teenage Illinois motorist suspected of assaulting an elderly man who helped the young man after his car broke down.

Clay County Missouri Sheriff’s Office detained Choyce U. Davis of Calumet City, Illinois after the 19-year-old allegedly attacked a good samaritan on the Interstate 35, near the southbound 31.8 mile marker.

Missouri man Jason Jones accused Davis of viciously beating him, leaving the 72-year-old on the brink of death, simply for helping the young man change a flat tire.

On May 4, Jones recalled he was on the way to Kansas City when he saw a young African American couple stranded on the side of the major highway. After slowing down, he noticed they only seemed to have a flat tire so he pulled over and offered a helping hand.

Davis became displeased with his kind gesture and even seemed to respond aggressively. However, this did not deter Jones.

“He was kind of stand-offish, like kind of wish I had not stopped but I kept asking, and they kept saying yes,” the elderly man told FOX4.

Since neither Davis nor his juvenile female companion had a spare tire, Jones offered them a ride to the nearest tire store. After purchasing a tire and driving away from the store, Davis’s female friend allegedly struck the elderly man on the head with a metal rod.

“We got their tire, got back in the van, and just barely started off—all of sudden something hit me on top of the head,” Jones said according to FOX4.

Jones’s vehicle began to veer out of the lane and off the road, as he struggled with the young woman.

“I knew what was happening [and,] we were going in the ditch, so I turned around, grabbed the draw pin, opened the door, and dived out on my head,” he said.

However, Davis allegedly grabbed the elderly man by the throat, choked, and even punched him many times in the face.

“There was nothing I could do, I am 72 years old–my energy was gone,” the elderly man said. “There was nothing I could do but take it.”

The pair later tried to flee the scene but the vehicle was stuck in mud. Eventually, a passerby called 911 and the sheriff’s office detained the young man and woman.

Jones was transported to a nearby hospital emergency room for urgent medical treatment. Primary health professionals treated Jones for a fractured skull, brain bleeding, black eyes, and multiple facial wounds.

Doctors finally released him from hospital after he stayed for a total of 11 days in intensive care.

According to the Courier-Tribune, the sheriff’s office charged Davis with felony assault and held him at Clay County Detention Center until the young man paid the $25,000 bond. Davis has since been released and is due to appear in court during June.

The female suspect is still a minor, and could potentially face charges when she turns 18.

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